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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Key to Magic

I went to an opening party
for the launch of Fashion TV
with a friend

There was a keyhole at the entrance of the shop,
and when I inserted this key,
the door opened

It's a really cool store,
I received the key to magic
from the director of the store

There was a Power of Beauty Improvement Committee meeting (a weekly series with anan magazine)

The feature this time is about devices you can use to make yourself more beautiful
I have tried
The various beauty devices

Chances to try those devices are rare
Only then
As they were for testing purposes

Feels good [laugh]

I've looked forward to this for quite a while
The opening party in Japan
for the Select Shop of N.Y
I wanted to be there, but...

Because I have work tomorrow
I'm not going

And also
One week more
To Birthday Party

Through the mobile site
I'm accepting questions

I look forward to interesting questions

See you later

This has been Narimiya.


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