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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Narimiya Hiroki, Piano Performance!

Birthday Celebration with Fans

On the 6th, actor Narimiya Hiroki had pre-birthday celebrations with fans at Tokyo Hotel. He had a similar event in Osaka the day before. In total, 900 fans attended. His real birthday is on the 14th. The exciting event was filled with witty speeches and an energetic piano performance, and to top it off everyone was given a necklace as a present.

He started playing the piano last year. During intervals for the Fuji TV drama 'Innocent Love', he practised with Yuzu's Kitagawa Yujin. He trained intensively for a month for this event, especially when he was tired from memorizing lines. He played the theme song from the drama, Utada Hikaru's 'Eternally' and a medley of other tunes.

He was dressed in a bridal tuxedo. When asked about his own wedding, "Sometime ago I went for a palm reading. I'm supposed to get married twice," he said, laughing, "Right now, I'm still kind of weak." Is there a sense of relief among Narimiya's women fans?



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