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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Narimiya-kun is erotic, cool"
The loving senior-junior relationship of Yonekura and Narimiya

On 2nd September, Ryoko Yonekura and Hiroki Narimiya attended the product launch of Mt. Rainier Double Espresso, a chilled cup coffee. Yonekura described Narimiya as "erotic, playful and cool", surprising the reporters covering the event.

The CM will air from 8th September onwards. In the CM, Yonekura plays an attractive capable boss while Narimiya is a young company employee, a kouhai (junior) to Yonekura. "To have this kind of junior at work, it must be fun ne," said Yonekura. Narimiya replied, "Yonekura-san is very capable, and awfully charming. She's cute, but still glamorous."

When asked what type of boss would be ideal, Narimiya answered, "Someone who's not perfect is good. What's important for me is 'kindness'. If I know that they care about others, it would be easier for me to work for them." Even though he's from the entertainment industry, his comment speaks for the common salaryman as well.

The two of them had previously acted in a drama as a couple. The banter between them in the hall made it interesting for the reporters.

"I like Yonekura-san, but she always treats me like a child ne~ [laugh]," Narimiya confessed. Yonekura objected, "That's never happened before~!". Narimiya added "And Yonekura-san only cuts a potato in half. It's like 'man's cooking', where the ingredients are large,". In the end, Narimiya said "Actually, Yonekura-san is very skilled in cooking." The audience were entertained by their comfortable exchange of words on stage.

Cafe Latte and Espresso from Mt Rainier Double Espresso will start selling nationwide from 8th September (Tuesday) onwards. Yonekura and Narimiya are the first Japanese to be appointed for the Mt Rainier series ads. It is a stylish and sexy production, which seems to be the theme for this autumn.


Video from Channel Asahi.


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