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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home Party

With a close friend
We had a X'mas party

After work
I went to buy ingredients for cooking...

Although it's Christmas
At the shop entrance
There was New Year decoration

I took in a deep breath to relieve my tension
Isn't that too much!? [laugh]

But of course
It was a very fun party

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After moving house
This is the first time
I'm using the dining table properly

I like home parties
While eating
You can take your time with conversations

Like things you can't really
talk about outside

I think that's what is good
about home parties

I'm on a diet, but
On Christmas
Every year, like a routine
I'll have KFC


The PC was in a bad condition
I went to the Apple Store

Actually I had 2
One to watch DVD
The other is connected to the net,
but couldn't watch DVD

Those 2 are important
They're not working well

As a Christmas present to myself
I bought a mac book pro

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The staff was great

Like moving data from the old PC,
and explaining about repairs or servicing
They spent half a day

Mac's support staff is excellent
Really super

When I received the receipt
I blurted out

"Let's be friends"
that's what I said ne [laugh]

This Christmas was a good one

This has been Narimiya.


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