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Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm Back


Yesterday filming began for Bloody Monday

When I heard Director Hirano
saying "J-san"...
I thought "I'm back"

Things were left undone in the previous season
There's opportunities
To create a fresh 'J'

Today was the handshake event in Fukuoka

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Today, too, many people
came for the greeting

Thank you

In movies and dramas,
and now even with this one book,
many people are involved

Besides editors from the publishing company,
staff from bookstores are the ones who handle the books
It's co-operation from everyone

This time
The handshake events were in 3 places
I'm very grateful

Thank you very much
I'm thankful for your assistance

Returning from Fukuoka...
I went directly to the shop

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Finally, from today onwards,
it's the opening of the time-limited shop

During filming intervals
I drop in for a visit
Maybe I should pretend to be a salesperson? [laugh]

The busy days continue
But I think that it can be accomplished
I'm happy as time passes by

have you read the book?

I await your thoughts

This has been Narimiya.


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