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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Narimiya Shop Open
"Everything is Chosen by Me"

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On the 16th, actor Narimiya Hiroki (27) had a PR event at his time-limited select shop '' in Shibuya, Tokyo. The store is located near NHK's broadcasting centre and has an interior of 30 square metres. It opened on the 12th. In it are Narimiya's personal selections of clothes, bags, briefs, jewellery and so on. There are about 200 items altogether. He commented, "Everything is chosen by me, it feels like I brought the closet from my home to this shop."

He began selling items on his website in July. The time-limited shop will be open until the 24th. "In time, besides being on the web, I'd like to have a shop. And not only to sell select items, I want to try producing something myself as well," he said, taking on the designer challenge.

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