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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Narimiya and Nishiyama
Burberry Valentine Campaign

29th January 2010

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On the 29th, model Nishiyama Maki (24) and actor Narimiya Hiroki (27) attended an event for Burberry - the start of its Valentine campaign. They were asked about their Valentine plans for this year. "To look for something I've lost ne... I'm hoping god will grant me that wish," Nishiyama said. "When Valentine begins, where love is... and I'll also be looking forward to chocolates," Narimiya replied with anticipation.

At the event, the 2 of them exchanged presents with items from the Burberry brand while reminiscing about Valentine memories. Nishiyama revealed her tale of unrequited love. A week before Valentine, "Suddenly the convenience store was selling chocolates at a discount. But my wish for that love did not come true." As for Narimiya, "When I was a child, I couldn't wait to receive them."

Regarding the happiness surrounding her fellow models, Nishiyama responded,"It's like I'm the only unlucky character around na," she said with a bitter smile.

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