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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hello hello.

Yesterday I was dozing off as I wrote this post.

So I'm updating it now.

The first samples of shoes and jersey in collabaration with Hummel
were completed yesterday.


It's a good feeling ♪

The rainbow jersey too,
I'd like to bring it home as it is, it's very near to being an end-product.

After the meeting,
I went to buy a backpack
to prepare for Hong Kong.

Backpack, was stolen in Brazil.

No matter what, I want the same one.

Along the Hanzo Line →→→ there wasn't any

Looked for it at Loft →→→ not there!!

Wandered around in Harajuku →→→ none

It seems like one with the pattern that I wanted was nowhere to be found.

Then in a shop along gregory street →→→ I found it!!

Yoshi yoshi.

I got Knapsack-kun the 2nd.

On my way back, I dropped by CHANEL.

Every season, they have a new design for towels.

I bought it on impulse.

I also bought the pendants.

While I was shopping, a cute salesgirl approached me.

"Do you remember me?"


She was my classmate in junior high school.


She's now a beautiful lady.

We talked about the old times for a while.

The memories of junior high school were a little embarrassing.

That kind of feeling.

I'm off to Hong Kong now!

This has been Narimiya.


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