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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crab Indulgence

I'm home.

This morning I went to the office to attend the meeting where auditions were held.

It's great to be able to encourage the younger ones who aim to be in the same industry.

Everyone's reaching for their dreams, faces full of anticipation.
With their eyes on me... somehow I felt a little embarassed.

After that, promotion for a movie.


After that


Since morning, I had decided that I was going to eat crabs.

At Sekka Tei-san.

I had a delicious time with the staff.

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Kobayashi-san the stylist. Takahashi-san for hair and make (hairstylist and make-up artiste).

We only chatted in the beginning after going "Ganbai!" (Cheers!)

After that we were all earnestly tucking into the crabs.

Because I'm familiar with the members, eating in silence is alright.

The grilled shell of a crab.


"Mm!! Crab!"

Were the only words that came out of me.

It's the best!!



The flight was delayed.

Finally made it back to Tokyo.

This has been Narimiya.

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