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Monday, September 28, 2009


There's an event covering for today

The ban has been lifted
Announcement of "Streaming News Flash"

My role
A TV station's part-time assistant director

There are many secrets in the drama
I don't think I can reveal much about my role [laugh]

There's no pre-established harmony
Leading up to the underplot

Up till now, I've never worked under this style

"Betrayal" is the one word
That the producer will use
To describe this drama


In the next half of the day
Photography for Smart and Q-Pot

It's been a while since I got all dressed up
The atmosphere is unlike of that in the drama
Experienced them both in one day

Well then

This has been Narimiya.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Sign of Autumn

For a project
A sampling session

With Mos Burger

After that,
drama rehearsal

It ended quite early
With the cast members
I went to eat ramen

A cast member
Is a regular customer of this ramen shop

Though it's already autumn
Why is it still so warm everyday?

The other day
I saw this at filming location

A sign of autumn

Cluster amaryllis

In flower language, "Till the day we meet again"
That's what they say

Seems like a lonesome flower

By the way, cluster amaryllis is poisonous

So children should stay away from it

What kind of autumn will it be for everyone?

Well then

This has been Narimiya.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tokyo DOGS

For the whole of yesterday
It was filming for Getsu 9

Woke up at 4am...
It was still completely dark (^^;

For Getsu 9's Tokyo DOGS,
This guy is in the lead role behind-the-scenes

The 3-year-old Kosuke-kun

It's the mascot dog
Which provides a comforting effect at filming locations

A really cute fellow (*^_^*)

I was overtaken by hunger
At Yokohama's Chinatown

I had steamed pork bun!

I wanted to take a walk around Chinatown
But there was too many people because of the holidays
So I felt the atmosphere while sitting in the car

When I eat steamed buns
I'm always reminded
Of a favourite one

551's steamed pork buns and shao-mais (meat dumplings)
I want to eat them

They're really the best!!

When I return home I'll make an order online
That's what I usually think of at the time

In the dead of night around my home area
Very quietly
Under secrecy

I did All Up

It was short
But it was fun at the location

It airs on 19 October
Don't forget to watch it

Me for today

Today my day ended quite early (^_^)v

For tomorrow too everyone
Good things are waiting to happen (^^)/

It been a while since I used emoticons

This has been Narimiya.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009



It's daily filming
Going to and fro the same studio and house

The scenery doesn't change
I'm quite tired of it already [laugh]

However, I get this nervous feeling at the scene
It's fun

One scene, one cut
It's usually not more than 5 minutes

Feels like a stage play

Anxiously wait to see who makes a mistake
Even if there's a mistake,
seems like filming continues

This filming style is rare

I want the viewers to be able to watch it soon

The ban was lifted yesterday
I'll be making an appearance in the first episode of the Getsu 9 Drama

Filming has not yet begun but...
It's been a while since I've met Hiro
I look forward to it

This has been Narimiya.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thank You

Yesterday and today
At the Rihga Royal Hotel
The birthday event
It's over

For so many people
To celebrate my 27th birthday

I was really happy

"You make me energetic"
That's what you said to me, but

For myself, as an actor
What has made me last this far
Is because of everyone

I get my strength from all of you

At this party
I saw all the faces
I think about it once more

At the event
I made mistakes playing the piano
But I really enjoyed it

Maybe sometime in the future
I'll put up another piano performance
I'll think about it

Thank you very much

Also for those who were not able to attend the event

Thank you

From here on onwards too, Narimiya Hiroki
Please treat me well

Narimiya Hiroki

Narimiya Hiroki, Piano Performance!

Birthday Celebration with Fans

On the 6th, actor Narimiya Hiroki had pre-birthday celebrations with fans at Tokyo Hotel. He had a similar event in Osaka the day before. In total, 900 fans attended. His real birthday is on the 14th. The exciting event was filled with witty speeches and an energetic piano performance, and to top it off everyone was given a necklace as a present.

He started playing the piano last year. During intervals for the Fuji TV drama 'Innocent Love', he practised with Yuzu's Kitagawa Yujin. He trained intensively for a month for this event, especially when he was tired from memorizing lines. He played the theme song from the drama, Utada Hikaru's 'Eternally' and a medley of other tunes.

He was dressed in a bridal tuxedo. When asked about his own wedding, "Sometime ago I went for a palm reading. I'm supposed to get married twice," he said, laughing, "Right now, I'm still kind of weak." Is there a sense of relief among Narimiya's women fans?


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mount Rainier

Good evening

There was presentation for a new CM

I've been chosen to be
the image character of
Morinaga Milk Industry's "Mount Rainier"

Since I went to Paris,
I've come to like coffee
Opportunities to drink coffee have increased
It's great for a coffee enthusiast

In the CM
I appear with Ryoko Yonekura-san

It's been while
Since I last met Yonekura-san
When we acted in a drama together

She's the type of actress
Where it seems like there's no distance
even after a long absence

After that
To the studio
For a drama rehearsal

This time, the episode is quite interesting
The plot supports the main story well
And events are unravelling at a quick pace

My brains are on the verge of bursting
during rehearsal


I'm reading a bit more of the script

Well then

This has been Narimiya.

"Narimiya-kun is erotic, cool"
The loving senior-junior relationship of Yonekura and Narimiya

On 2nd September, Ryoko Yonekura and Hiroki Narimiya attended the product launch of Mt. Rainier Double Espresso, a chilled cup coffee. Yonekura described Narimiya as "erotic, playful and cool", surprising the reporters covering the event.

The CM will air from 8th September onwards. In the CM, Yonekura plays an attractive capable boss while Narimiya is a young company employee, a kouhai (junior) to Yonekura. "To have this kind of junior at work, it must be fun ne," said Yonekura. Narimiya replied, "Yonekura-san is very capable, and awfully charming. She's cute, but still glamorous."

When asked what type of boss would be ideal, Narimiya answered, "Someone who's not perfect is good. What's important for me is 'kindness'. If I know that they care about others, it would be easier for me to work for them." Even though he's from the entertainment industry, his comment speaks for the common salaryman as well.

The two of them had previously acted in a drama as a couple. The banter between them in the hall made it interesting for the reporters.

"I like Yonekura-san, but she always treats me like a child ne~ [laugh]," Narimiya confessed. Yonekura objected, "That's never happened before~!". Narimiya added "And Yonekura-san only cuts a potato in half. It's like 'man's cooking', where the ingredients are large,". In the end, Narimiya said "Actually, Yonekura-san is very skilled in cooking." The audience were entertained by their comfortable exchange of words on stage.

Cafe Latte and Espresso from Mt Rainier Double Espresso will start selling nationwide from 8th September (Tuesday) onwards. Yonekura and Narimiya are the first Japanese to be appointed for the Mt Rainier series ads. It is a stylish and sexy production, which seems to be the theme for this autumn.


Video from Channel Asahi.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Already September?

Today there was a photoshoot for Men's Voi
It was near an American military base

Yesterday I went for a massage
While putting on make-up
I was asleep

Winter clothing

Oh no!! Hot~!!!

Lunch was in the shop
where we had the photoshoot

I ate a lot
It's part of the job [laugh]

After that

For the event
I had a secret practice

Everyone will be informed

From today it's September

It's back to school
for the students

Did you make good memories this summer?

Well then

This has been Narimiya.

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