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Thursday, December 31, 2009


We're leaving this year behind
In about 5 hours...

Before the celebrations
I'll look back at the year

I had chances to meet many of you this year
Until then things were kept in me

Whenever there's any work or events,
you are there to support me

I am really really grateful

For having this type of year
It's my treasure
Above all, I am happy

This year too
There were new developments

A friend got married
And there was a parting from a close friend too

I can't really sort this year out yet
It's not easy to put it into words

I did my best this year with a smile

Thank you

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This has been Narimiya.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home Party

With a close friend
We had a X'mas party

After work
I went to buy ingredients for cooking...

Although it's Christmas
At the shop entrance
There was New Year decoration

I took in a deep breath to relieve my tension
Isn't that too much!? [laugh]

But of course
It was a very fun party

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After moving house
This is the first time
I'm using the dining table properly

I like home parties
While eating
You can take your time with conversations

Like things you can't really
talk about outside

I think that's what is good
about home parties

I'm on a diet, but
On Christmas
Every year, like a routine
I'll have KFC


The PC was in a bad condition
I went to the Apple Store

Actually I had 2
One to watch DVD
The other is connected to the net,
but couldn't watch DVD

Those 2 are important
They're not working well

As a Christmas present to myself
I bought a mac book pro

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The staff was great

Like moving data from the old PC,
and explaining about repairs or servicing
They spent half a day

Mac's support staff is excellent
Really super

When I received the receipt
I blurted out

"Let's be friends"
that's what I said ne [laugh]

This Christmas was a good one

This has been Narimiya.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good for the Body

for anan series

I'm off to collect data for it, through my own experience

Head spa

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A picture of the aura was taken

Can it be measured!?

It was 90% me
Somehow, that doesn't make sense ne [laugh]

Today's experience
will be published in anan sometime in the future
Do look forward to it

I'm taking care of my health today
Supper is good for the body too...

Vegetable mousse from Chez Matsuo

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It's almost a shame to eat them
Because they're pretty

I lost to hunger [laugh]

A child came to the .com shop
but wasn't able to meet me

I'm sorry
I had to rush off for my next work

I heard from the salesperson's child
I'll see you next time!!

Tomorrow onwards, I'll be away for a while ♪

Overseas drama
Look out for it

About hikikomori

It's good ne,
To be at home all the time once in a while [laugh]

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Well then
This has been Narimiya.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Narimiya Shop Open
"Everything is Chosen by Me"

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On the 16th, actor Narimiya Hiroki (27) had a PR event at his time-limited select shop '' in Shibuya, Tokyo. The store is located near NHK's broadcasting centre and has an interior of 30 square metres. It opened on the 12th. In it are Narimiya's personal selections of clothes, bags, briefs, jewellery and so on. There are about 200 items altogether. He commented, "Everything is chosen by me, it feels like I brought the closet from my home to this shop."

He began selling items on his website in July. The time-limited shop will be open until the 24th. "In time, besides being on the web, I'd like to have a shop. And not only to sell select items, I want to try producing something myself as well," he said, taking on the designer challenge.

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Shop Visit!

It's sudden, but today around noon
I'll be at the time-limited shop!

There's going to be a PR event
I might be there for a while ne

I hope everyone will like
the diamond and 18K original rings

They're diamond and 18K
but they are priced reasonably

The rings which I wanted to make for myself,
I made 2 mistakes
They're also in the shop

The sizes are small
They might not fit children either

It's ok

The rings are limited
Do come by if you're interested

To everyone who have come by to the shop
Thank you very much

Seeing customers leaving
Smiling with the time-limited (shopping) bags
As they walk away

After that, with Bloody members

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On 'Tokyo Friend Park' and
'Sekai Fushigi Hakken'.

Filming went smoothly
It was amusing
Look forward to it ne.

Well then
This has been Narimiya.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm Back


Yesterday filming began for Bloody Monday

When I heard Director Hirano
saying "J-san"...
I thought "I'm back"

Things were left undone in the previous season
There's opportunities
To create a fresh 'J'

Today was the handshake event in Fukuoka

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Today, too, many people
came for the greeting

Thank you

In movies and dramas,
and now even with this one book,
many people are involved

Besides editors from the publishing company,
staff from bookstores are the ones who handle the books
It's co-operation from everyone

This time
The handshake events were in 3 places
I'm very grateful

Thank you very much
I'm thankful for your assistance

Returning from Fukuoka...
I went directly to the shop

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Finally, from today onwards,
it's the opening of the time-limited shop

During filming intervals
I drop in for a visit
Maybe I should pretend to be a salesperson? [laugh]

The busy days continue
But I think that it can be accomplished
I'm happy as time passes by

have you read the book?

I await your thoughts

This has been Narimiya.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Man of Depth

I've been rather busy
Haven't been writing, but

I'm feeling great

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There was handshake event for 'Narimiya Deshita'
over the weekend
I met many people
And spoke to many of them

For braving the cold
Thank you very much


An invitation from Sakamoto-san
who played the role of Teru in DROP

To watch a Keaton live

Everyone's character were deep and surreal
It was an interesting live

Meeting Sakamoto-san and Oniyakko-san backstage
It's been a while

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Then yesterday

At an event called WHISKY LOVERS AWARD
I received an award

From now on to match the whisky
I'll be an adult
I did win it but

Actually to be that sort of adult
If I can be one

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I'll be glad

Thank you very much

This has been Narimiya.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Narimiya Hiroki "does his best" for Her

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On the 5th, actor Narimiya Hiroki (27) attended a handshake event at Ginza's Fukuya store for the launch of his new photobook, 'Narimiya Deshita' (Wani Books, 1470 yen).

It is a compilation of his Ameba blog entries from November 2008 to June 2009. Many private photos which were not published previously are also packed in this photobook. They show Narimiya smartly dressed, and in casual clothes. "I think it's a good display of daily life," he said with a beaming face.

Before blogging, Narimiya was not comfortable exchanging mails. Even with the ladies? "That's different!" he quickly retorted when he heard the comment, "I work hard at that," he replied without hesitating, inducing laughter from the reporters.

Purchase from YesAsia:
Narimiya Deshita

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Narimiya Deshita

Good evening

Today's report!

At last!

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At last!!

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It's complete


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"Narimiya Deshita"

Somehow having my own book in my hand
Is somewhat moving

Browsing through it


It's good!

Actually it brings back memories!!

The crude sentences I wrote for the blog
To be in a book
I didn't think it was possible [laugh]

But then
I'm glad

Ginza on the 5th
Nagoya on the 6th
Fukuoka on the 12th

I'll see everyone
At the handshake events

To those who have this book
What do you think about it?

I'd like to know

Your messages
I'll read them bit by bit

Thank you

This has been Narimiya.

Purchase from YesAsia:
Narimiya Deshita

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Make it Warm

It's December already!!

Without realizing it, winter is here

Arriving at my destination today
The moment I got off the car


The body which is used to warmth
Remembers the coldness of winter

The whole town is full of illumination too
It's sparkling

Myself... this year somehow
Kinda lonesome
Feels that way

Now, while writing this blog in my room
I'm complaining to everyone [laugh]

Yesterday there was phototaking for a new tuxedo

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It's quite difficult to understand the photo

This, in actual fact is a snake pattern

The tuxedo is glittering like a mackerel
Will it be a snake next? [laugh]

What do you think?

It's cold now
It'll probably be even colder tomorrow at filming location

I wonder if I'll be alright

Everyone, don't catch a cold!

This weekend will be the handshake event,

Do come
to warm up the atmosphere

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Well then

This has been Narimiya.

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