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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A casual stopover.

Great weather ne.


I want to go somewhere.

But I'm stuck in the studio today.

Yesterday I had some free time,

so I made a casual stopover,

on the sandy beaches of Odaiba.

Strolled idly.

Felt good.

The setting sun was pretty.

Forgot to take a photo again

The sea that has gotten a little cooler now is great ne.


When I looked around

full of couples and families.

I see, 3 consecutive holidays isn't it!?

Feel slightly down.

I'll get OFF during the New Year Holidays too!

Yesterday evening

after filming ended, I went to the home of Innocent Love's producer Nakano-san

with Yuujin-kun and my manager for a drink.

Thinking of the next day

"After we empty one bottle of wine, we break it up !"

so it was said ・・・

The producer who's thinking of the set

But eventually,

2 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of champagne (laugh)

Even while I was yapping away with Yuujin-kun, we had to cut short!!

Let's go home, he said.

Yuujin-kun has a good engine for alcohol too ne!

It's true

This has been Narimiya.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beaujolais begins !!

Yesterday evening

I went to a wine tasting party
of Beaujolais Nouveau

I heard about this party from

the author of Bloody Monday.

He's shy.

And now

In front of me,

He's the first one I was introduced to
Cyber Agent's Company President, Fujita-san !

On my left、

My agency's beautiful President, Mayumi-san.

On the right, at the back

Oshita-san from the wine journal 'Winart'

the wine magazine that carries only the great wines, so to speak.

The time spent was fun and delicious

On the topic of wine・・・・・・

Seems like it was a bad harvest this year

But the guys I drank with this time

They still managed to choose the best among them.

Tasted great

N~Fresh !!Squash !?

We drank other wines too,

each and every one of them had a good flavour.

Thanks for the drinks.

But if I close my eyes,

What is what, I don't know anymore.

Studying is probably required.

I have a little interest in it.

I wanted to be with everyone a little while longer,

But since I started the day from early morning, I headed home early.

By the way, today I was on location of Innocent Love.

It was cold

so everyone was a little quiet (laugh)

Don't be defeated by the cold

Everyone work hard too

This has been Narimiya

Beaujolais Nouveau is a wine released every third Thursday of November. Learn more from Wikipedia, read a little of its history and 10 facts of this tradition.

Fujita Susumu is the President & CEO of Cyber Agent, an Internet service provider. Read his blog here.

Mayumi Watanabe is the Company President of Topcoat.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A shocking development.

It's fine weather today.

We're filming Episode 7 of Innocent Love today.

Went to Chigasaki.

My eyes were stung by the sea breeze!

We started the day the moment the deep red sun rose from the horizon.

It was really beautiful but I forgot to take a photo・・・

In Episode 7, my character undergoes quite a shocking development.

Eh ?

Eeh ??

Eeeeh ???

To those who won't feel the shock

But there will be a surprising development.


There's a piano on set today too.

In this drama you feel like the piano is something necessary on the set.

When it's there, you just feel like touching it ne.

I tried to play a tune I learnt from best buddy Junya

Fooling around, Junya-kun made his appearance!!

Junya-kun played ○○

Then, we sang together

Whenever we have free time in Innocent Love, we do this.

Now I'm moving to my next work at another location.

During my next off day,

I want to leisurely go shopping na~

Haven't bought Christmas presents for my friends !!

I haven't even bought a TV stand

I also want to eat Krispy Kreme Doughnuts !!

And what kind of clothes should I get to prepare for the cold winter

And other things too

Lately I realized I haven't done much shopping.

In the meantime, I've reached the next location.

Not eaten yet so,
Ordered quiche and hamburger from Cafe Zac

Let's eat !!


The song that I sang with Junya-kun just now

I forgot the title

But now I remember !!

It's 「Koi ni ochite」 !!!

Ha, clearly remember now

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fukuoka is warm ?!

This morning I woke up at 6.
Headed to drama location.


Today I'm J.

The ever colder mornings are already quite hard ・・・・・・

I wanted to stay in bed just a little longer

My manager

"Let's go to warm Fukuoka next week!!"

he said.

But I expect Fukuoka to be cold already too・・・

Almost deceived.

Wait for me, seasoned cod roe !!

This is the second time I'm going to Fukuoka this year.

Received an invitation from Solaria Hotel.

Doing a talk show.

What would you like to hear?

Let's see, what shall I do?

For public speaking this year

this will be the last one

Those who are going to Solaria, look forward to it na

There's only a little left of this year ne.

Everyone, make it a year without regrets in what's left of it.

By the way, all your comments

although not all, I do read them on my computer at home.

As always, everyone

thank you.

This has been Narimiya.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My night continues.

Good evening

Did a lot of work today.

From morning, promotion for Lalapipo, and a heap of magazine work.

Chatted, took photos.

Anyway, this is my name card. It will make its appearance somewhere in the movie.


After that, put on items from hummel for BARFOUT shooting.

Today we were together the whole day, with Kobayashi-san the stylist and Watanabe-san the hair and make-up artist.

When going back, they looked tired,

Thanks for your hard work !!

After that, I had a meeting with hummel for our collaboration project.

A lot of samples were made but which one will end up being the one, look forward to it !!

This meeting is the kind of work I like to do so I lost track of time and am still at it now.

Oh it's already this late…

Haven't memorized the lines for tomorrow's filming !

My night continues

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Be prepared.

Today's OFF。

Actually, I'm still in bed

Oversleeping headache (>_<)

Feel a little hungry na~

Drink soup.

I love Campbell's potato soup so I always stock them up.

Don't even have to take one step outside !!

Today I'll just fidget around in bed ne.

That's the situation

Monday, November 17, 2008

Vanity and insanity……

Good evening.

In the world of showbiz, even in the evening we say

"Good morning"

We get so used to doing it,

But it does still feel a little strange.

So everyone, good evening.

Today is the shoot for Television Homme that goes on sale in December.

The image
vanity and insanity.

It's like Subaru and J na!?

Completely different, but actually there are similar things about them.

Insanity is vanity

The cause of vanity is, insanity.

Both probably exist in oneself.

I was dressed in pure white from head to toe.

These knits are great !!

Want them !

But they're Vuitton…

Probably expensive.

Made sure I did not ask about the price.

They're on lease, have to make sure they don't get dirty.

Today's cameraman is a different person and he's an interesting one.

See ?

Used these.

These are ……

cute (*laugh*)

Innocent Love is on today !!

Been awhile but looks like I'll be back home to watch it.

So dinner's a take-out.

Seasoned cod roe pasta with natto topping from La Boheme

This has been Narimiya.

Subaru - his character in Innocent Love
J - his character in Bloody Monday
natto - fermented soybeans

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't be deceived by melon soda !

Good evening !

Thanks for watching Bloody Monday yesterday

J drank melon soda again ne

When I think about it,
before I took on this role, I've not really drunk melon soda.

When you think of melon soda, don't you think it's a weird thing ?

Cos it doesn't actually taste like melons, does it ?

It looks like it, but it doesn't.

The pop colour is cute, like a fascinating character.

I was deceived but I don't hate it


If I can play J and bring out those kinds of feelings too, it will be great na~

Today I did some work for Louis Vuitton.

The photo shoot was at my favourite place ……

The photo at the top of my blog is also taken there, at Montook.

One of my favourite stores.

Anyway, my order was
Iced Herb Mint Tea (*laugh*)

But it should have been hot.

Maybe it was a little chilly for me.

Had a stomachache

Well, see you tomorrow

Saturday, November 15, 2008

In proportion to stress.


how should I put it

Filming ended at midnight, and I went back home


Let's take a showerー

Rubbing the shampoo in vigorously

Wash, rinse

Didn't seem enough, one more time wash and rinse

I thought one more time

Without realizing ・・・・・・

Washed it 4 times.

Why ???

In my case, it looks like I'll shampoo in proportion to stress

If that's the case, there's still room for more.

Thinking of such things, I went to bed.

By the way, the conditioner goes in once per shampoo.

Well, it doesn't matter ne (*laugh*)

I didn't take the shampoo photo at home so

this is me today.

Friday, November 14, 2008


From early morning today, I was about to blow my fuse.

I'm in 2 dramas.

Yesterday was Bloody Monday, the script was done,

Then abruptly filming, nevertheless I was doing my lines with gusto,

And then, at the location itself, the lines were changed, I blew my fuse to the MAX !

Didn't even have time to eat.

Otherwise, wouldn't remember.

Now we're finally done with the climax, moving to the next location.

Well, that's today's report.

Moving to a new hideout.

The new hideout, pretty comfortable.

Here is where we're going to hatch more terror plots.

What kind of schemes they are, look forward to seeing them.

"Second helping♪Second helping♪"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beauty Improvement Committee.

I've been doing the anan serialization from morning today.

Beauty Improvement Committee.
The theme is cooking !!

The recommended recipe is…

Chicken ginseng soup.

Chicken and beans curry.

Good for health~!!

The chicken ginseng soup is my favourite soup.

Feels like it warms me right down to my heart


At the place we did the serialization, there's an interesting girl……no, no, there's a wonderful girl!!

Always makes it enjoyable for me.

She goes to so much trouble ne.

And for me, I learn a lot!!

Well then, I'm off to the next magazine interview.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Only during this season・・・.

It's cold(><;)

Really winter already, ne.

Today I went to eat Shanghai crabs with a friend.


When the season comes round,

because I can only eat them at this time、

the words "Shanghai crab"

perks me up.

Still new to it.

But it's great when the season for certain types of food comes round ne.


when we were eating the crabs, conversation with my friend, zero.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My younger brother.

Good evening.

I'm at the office today, it's covering the media day.

On my way, I counted ・・・12 different media.


But I really want people to watch Lalapipo, so I'll persist on doing all the media coverage.

And now, this might be a little sudden, but let me introduce you !

To ・・・・・ my cute little brother.


It's Lalapipo-kun.


for the movie Lalapipo which opens next year.

I'd like you to watch the movie,

and please give some love to Lalapipo-kun too.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My home ?!


Work for Alta is over、
Staggered over to Otsuka Kagu.

Although there was nothing I wanted to buy in particular,
Seeing so much furniture all lined up,
I ended up wanting to.

Danger, danger.

Welcome, you're heading to my home (*laugh*)

When I looked carefully ・・・・・・・

「Please do not rest here」

was written on the plate


Today is Innocent Love day.

I'm going to eat some Chinese food now.

I'll head for home later so I'll make it in time for 9 o'clock.

Everyone watch too ne.

'Top Runner' Announcement

Narimiya will appear in NHK 『Top Runner』 .

They're taking applicants for studio audience.
Details are here >>

Sunday, November 9, 2008

End of School Festivals.

I'm back.

Hiroshima Jogakuin University, Fukuoka Women's University, both the school festivals are over.

The colour of each school was fun.

The dialect of Hiroshima's

『Suki ja ken』

The dialect of Hakata's

『Bari suki doー』

Both cute !

Omiya is also happy o(^-^)o

Thanks ne

But there are things I wanted to write today no matter what.

About Hiroshima.

The promised autograph session, not taking place.

Sorry ne.

I was able to do so at the other school, and did many of them.

I didn't understand how the situation was going to turn out, when asked, I casually answered, "Sure, I'll do it."

I thought I'll sign as many as I possibly can.

But while I was doing it,

Because I know that some would be delighted and some left sad,

I have always kept in mind not to do anything different or special.

So, not being able to do it at the other place.

I was not able to say this personally and directly.

At the end when I was in tears, I wasn't able to do something which I forgot
I'll write it now.

There will be many instances where you can't help doing things as you please in your path to grow and be a full-fledged member of society.

For myself too, that had happened many times.

Even if you don't understand it right now, you will in time.

Finally, to everyone who came to the school festivals today

So many gathering together, it made me happy v(^-^)v

And I enjoyed it.

Thank you !!!

Well then


In Fukuoka.

I've reached Hakata !

I'll be entering Fukuoka Women's University soon.

Wait for me、


At Haneda.

It'll be takeoff soon.

Wait for me,


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hero aspirations.

Filming was until midnight yesterday.

I can take it easy today though.

So I drank with my friends at home till late at night.

The lineup from Narimiya's liquor store.

We were drinking when suddenly

Pal A 「My dream is ・・・・・・・・getting run over by a car while saving a child!!」

and then

Pal B 「Well for me, I wanna get blown up while saving small animals!!!!」

They're a little extreme but

even when they're adults, the aspirations of being a hero are still there ne.

Everyone's looking for their chance to be a hero (*laugh*)

I want to be a hero too.

But let's have a long life.

Today Bloody will air.

J is going to appear a lot, so watch ne.

Friday, November 7, 2008

From Narimiya staff.

Narimiya will appear as a corner guest in
Waratte Iitomo on CX, 10th November (Monday).

Don't miss it.


Today, the 8th, 13:30~15:26

CX 「Innocent Love」 Episode 1~3 digest will be broadcast.

Those who have missed the episodes, this is a must-watch !

By the way, Narimiya is playing the role of Segawa.


Good morning !!

Before I realized it, many people have been reading here, I'm surprised.

Many thanks.

Leーt's spend the whole day today in good spirits too.

Going to the set of Bloody Monday after this.

It's terrorist day.

For some reason, my lower back has been in pain since the midnight two days back.

Then I remembered.

I fell from the bed while I was asleep.

The TV stand near the bed broke right in half so it must have been some crash.

What's most surprising is that I totally forgot something like that.

Filming today lasts till evening so I'll get through it with some compress.

It hurtsー (*laugh*)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

From the set of Innocent Love.

In the middle of filming the Getsu9 1.

It's going well.

When's my turn ?

I was free and just loitering around, and then from this staff's bag, out came this cool thing.

Too cute isn't it !?

But to carry it around, a bit too huge...

But it's cute !!

By the way, peeking into people's bags is not a hobby (*laugh*)

It was just by chance.

1 Getsu9 - Monday drama at 9pm.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome back.

Today was an off day !!

So I was drinking till morning and my memory has flown off.

Bruises all over.

Probably bumped my body onto various things.

And also, somehow my shoes and socks are arranged outside the entranceway.


When I sobered up, I realized my mobile phone was missing.

Looked for it hurriedly.

For some reason...

It was in the fridge.

My mobile phone that was found in such a strange place.

It was cold ne, welcome back.

I won't let you go through this experience again.

Hmm ?
Err, you were placed god knows where before too you say !?

No no~never never (*laugh*)


I'm in the middle of filming Innocent Love now.

My junior from the agency, Nakamura.

A stunningly handsome youth... so it's written in the script.

So, that's Nakamura.

He's good at singing.

Seems like he's currently on a diet.

He's not Park Yong Ha.

It's Nakamura.

Yoroshiku, douzo.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My hair......

I went to cut my hair today.

Mr Takahashi from ZACC is in charge of it.

After some work abroad, he immediately came back to Japan.

From the airport, he came straight to the hair salon for me.

Thank you Takahashi-san.

Sorry for asking too much of you.

Eh, I came to cut my hair
But somehow, it has grown longer (*laugh*)

They're extensions v(^-^)v

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dentists in training.


It's finally starting, Narimiya blog.

There are, by no means, any designs to this.

For me to write a blog is a little strange.
But I'll be having fun as I liven it up.

There was a talk event for the Nippon Dental University school festival today.

I overslept a little.

But I went to work, with the dentists in training, with a face that didn't look like I did (oversleep) at all.

I was nervous as it's been awhile since I did a public talk.

It was fun though.

The dentists in training wore pink polo shirts illustrated with a deer.

Why is it a deer ??

Ah-, because it's a dental university.

Ah-, I see.

deer = shika
dentistry = shika

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Start of Ameblo


Narimiya here.

I'm starting a blog now.
Yay puff puff

Mail and things like that are not my strong point so this blog is on a test-run period.

Please take a quick look as I update.


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