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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beaujolais begins !!

Yesterday evening

I went to a wine tasting party
of Beaujolais Nouveau

I heard about this party from

the author of Bloody Monday.

He's shy.

And now

In front of me,

He's the first one I was introduced to
Cyber Agent's Company President, Fujita-san !

On my left、

My agency's beautiful President, Mayumi-san.

On the right, at the back

Oshita-san from the wine journal 'Winart'

the wine magazine that carries only the great wines, so to speak.

The time spent was fun and delicious

On the topic of wine・・・・・・

Seems like it was a bad harvest this year

But the guys I drank with this time

They still managed to choose the best among them.

Tasted great

N~Fresh !!Squash !?

We drank other wines too,

each and every one of them had a good flavour.

Thanks for the drinks.

But if I close my eyes,

What is what, I don't know anymore.

Studying is probably required.

I have a little interest in it.

I wanted to be with everyone a little while longer,

But since I started the day from early morning, I headed home early.

By the way, today I was on location of Innocent Love.

It was cold

so everyone was a little quiet (laugh)

Don't be defeated by the cold

Everyone work hard too

This has been Narimiya

Beaujolais Nouveau is a wine released every third Thursday of November. Learn more from Wikipedia, read a little of its history and 10 facts of this tradition.

Fujita Susumu is the President & CEO of Cyber Agent, an Internet service provider. Read his blog here.

Mayumi Watanabe is the Company President of Topcoat.


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