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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hero aspirations.

Filming was until midnight yesterday.

I can take it easy today though.

So I drank with my friends at home till late at night.

The lineup from Narimiya's liquor store.

We were drinking when suddenly

Pal A 「My dream is ・・・・・・・・getting run over by a car while saving a child!!」

and then

Pal B 「Well for me, I wanna get blown up while saving small animals!!!!」

They're a little extreme but

even when they're adults, the aspirations of being a hero are still there ne.

Everyone's looking for their chance to be a hero (*laugh*)

I want to be a hero too.

But let's have a long life.

Today Bloody will air.

J is going to appear a lot, so watch ne.


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