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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dentists in training.


It's finally starting, Narimiya blog.

There are, by no means, any designs to this.

For me to write a blog is a little strange.
But I'll be having fun as I liven it up.

There was a talk event for the Nippon Dental University school festival today.

I overslept a little.

But I went to work, with the dentists in training, with a face that didn't look like I did (oversleep) at all.

I was nervous as it's been awhile since I did a public talk.

It was fun though.

The dentists in training wore pink polo shirts illustrated with a deer.

Why is it a deer ??

Ah-, because it's a dental university.

Ah-, I see.

deer = shika
dentistry = shika


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