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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My night continues.

Good evening

Did a lot of work today.

From morning, promotion for Lalapipo, and a heap of magazine work.

Chatted, took photos.

Anyway, this is my name card. It will make its appearance somewhere in the movie.


After that, put on items from hummel for BARFOUT shooting.

Today we were together the whole day, with Kobayashi-san the stylist and Watanabe-san the hair and make-up artist.

When going back, they looked tired,

Thanks for your hard work !!

After that, I had a meeting with hummel for our collaboration project.

A lot of samples were made but which one will end up being the one, look forward to it !!

This meeting is the kind of work I like to do so I lost track of time and am still at it now.

Oh it's already this late…

Haven't memorized the lines for tomorrow's filming !

My night continues


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