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Friday, November 21, 2008

A shocking development.

It's fine weather today.

We're filming Episode 7 of Innocent Love today.

Went to Chigasaki.

My eyes were stung by the sea breeze!

We started the day the moment the deep red sun rose from the horizon.

It was really beautiful but I forgot to take a photo・・・

In Episode 7, my character undergoes quite a shocking development.

Eh ?

Eeh ??

Eeeeh ???

To those who won't feel the shock

But there will be a surprising development.


There's a piano on set today too.

In this drama you feel like the piano is something necessary on the set.

When it's there, you just feel like touching it ne.

I tried to play a tune I learnt from best buddy Junya

Fooling around, Junya-kun made his appearance!!

Junya-kun played ○○

Then, we sang together

Whenever we have free time in Innocent Love, we do this.

Now I'm moving to my next work at another location.

During my next off day,

I want to leisurely go shopping na~

Haven't bought Christmas presents for my friends !!

I haven't even bought a TV stand

I also want to eat Krispy Kreme Doughnuts !!

And what kind of clothes should I get to prepare for the cold winter

And other things too

Lately I realized I haven't done much shopping.

In the meantime, I've reached the next location.

Not eaten yet so,
Ordered quiche and hamburger from Cafe Zac

Let's eat !!


The song that I sang with Junya-kun just now

I forgot the title

But now I remember !!

It's 「Koi ni ochite」 !!!

Ha, clearly remember now


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