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Monday, November 9, 2009

Narimiya Hiroki lights up the Banana Republic Wreath

Actor Narimiya Hiroki (27) attended the Christmas Wreath (Happy Wreath) light-up ceremony at Banana Republic's Roppongi boutique.

Regarding last year's Christmas, Narimiya said," I really like Morisanchu's Kurosawa-san, and it was really the best present when she turned up for a TV program just to sing a song for me. As a return favour, I gave her a pair of lovely panties with a checked and strawberry design as a present." When asked about the size, he revealed, "XL. That size would fit on Kurosawa-san's cute figure."

Narimiya lit up Japan's biggest wreath which has a diameter of 3 meters. The 'Happy Wreath' is high enough so that people can walk under it. There's legend which says that a man and a woman who kiss under a mistletoe will bind together in happiness. "Mistletoes are sold at the flower shop, so you can go in there and kiss anyone," Narimiya said. What about a present for the sweetheart? "In that case, a bra with a mistletoe attached to it."

During the talk 'Raising the Happiness of Women - Full of Style' before the light-up ceremony, Narimiya shared his thoughts, "It's great to have individuality, but overdoing it might have you end up being anxious instead. A style of composed elegance is good." The wreath will be on display until 25 December, lit up from 5 - 11pm.


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